History & Beliefs


These are the beliefs Nazarenes hold to be true. They are common to Christians world-wide:

We believe in one God who has expressed himself in personal ways. We know God's personality as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We believe the Bible communicates God's saving message and is our reliable authority in all matters related to faith and Christian living.

We believe that all humankind struggles with a downward pull.

We believe that unless we experience God's help and salvation through a faith commitment to Jesus Christ, our future is one of eternal separation from God and all that is good.

We believe the love and grace of God is extended to every person in the provision Jesus Christ made in his death and resurrection. By turning from our own selfishness and trusting Jesus Christ, we experience a new life, being freed from the old patterns of self-destructive acts called sin.

We believe our new life in Jesus Christ is the gateway to transformation. Following our moment of faith in Jesus, we believe there is another moment in which we present our life completely to Christ in order to live under his authority and to experience his transforming power.

We believe that Christian experience is more than a change of mind. It is accompanied by assurance that is grounded in both the Scriptures as well as the inner witness of God's Spirit.

We believe that all who live for Jesus Christ have an eternal future. Our belief in such a future includes both the fulfillment of God's creative purpose as well as the accountability of all persons endowed with the power of choice.


Ministry Yesterday

In 1966, a small group of worshippers met in an elementary school at 87th and Lamar. For the most part, they were church leaders and members from Nazarene churches in Kansas City, Mo. They felt a calling to be God’s instruments in bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the burgeoning suburbs of southern Overland Park and to surrounding communities. 

They understood that this growing community would need church leadership and that the Overland Park Church of the Nazarene would be there to provide it. By October, 1966, the congregation, now numbering 80, bought the northwest corner of 91st and Lamar and built the first of three buildings there. They were respected for their Christian convictions and their strong and deep roots in the Holiness Movement in general, and in the Church of the Nazarene in particular.


Ministry Today

Overland Park Church of the Nazarene is an exciting place to be. As a church committed to proclaiming the Good News, the leadership team takes serious its call to be a community of grace that confesses “Jesus Christ is Lord.” For more than five years, Pastor Phil Hamner has led the way in servant leadership, casting the vision to become the community we are called to be.

We celebrate God’s faithfulness to us, which has been evident in so many ways:

  • The recent renovation of the entire building.
  • A dynamic English as a Second Language program.
  • Alpha Bible Study and follow-up studies that provide safe avenues to share the Gospel message and to care for new believers.
  • Pulse Youth Ministries program that grounds students in the Word of God and the life of holiness.
  • Energetic Children’s Ministries with wonderful, loving children’s workers.
  • Passionate worship, led by the orchestra and choir.
  • Active missions council that calls the church to share the Good News globally. Recently, a group ministered in the Ukraine on a Work & Witness trip.
  • Sunday School classes for all ages


Ministry Tomorrow

God calls us to be a community of grace that confesses “Jesus Christ is Lord.” Through the power of God’s Spirit, we respond to this call by:

  • Worshiping God, consecrating our whole lives to
  • Growing together in Christlike character
  • Equipping God’s people for lifelong ministry
  • Serving others in Christian love and compassion
  • Sharing the good news of Christ with all people

To take our mission and our charge seriously calls for continual openenss to God. It calls for communal change, but that change starts in our own hearts. God is calling YOU to be a person of grace who will confess that “Jesus is Lord.” God calls each one of us to take up our cross daily and follow Him—to love Him with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength, and our neighbors as ourselves. We pray that we are transformed by the vision that God has given us. We pray that people would come to know the life-changing power of the Cross and the work of the Holy Spirit. We pray that lives would be transformed, relationships strengthened, forgiveness would flow freely, worship would saturate everything we do, and the church would make a difference in the community around it!