Choir & Orchestra


At the Overland Park Church of the Nazarene we believe our highest calling is the worship of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Worship is not simply confined to the time marked out on Sunday mornings, but it is an expression of our lives in every moment.  Still, we consider our time together on Sunday mornings to be essential to the Christian life and practice we keep throughout the week.  We believe worship is energizing, and we encourage everyone to participate in our intergenerational, multicultural worship services.

Adult Choir

Our adult choir is a diverse and welcoming group of singers with wide age and ability ranges.  Some of us are near professional level singers and others do not yet read music.  The important thing for our choir is to praise God, love singing, and enjoy each other.  During the school year members have the option of weekly rehearsals at 5:00 p.m. on Sundays or monthly rehearsals after a potluck lunch following the service.  During the summer, the weekly rehearsals discontinue and the potluck rehearsals go on.  The choir leads in our Sunday morning worship and in special seasonal musical presentations.  Vocalists are chosen from within the choir to sing specials and to assist with congregational singing.  If you have questions about this ministry, contact the church office at


Our church has a group of remarkable and committed musicians. Some are still in high school and some have taught music at the university level.  We rehearse each Sunday’s music at 9:00 a.m. on the sanctuary platform.  There is an option for younger, beginning players to attend rehearsals until they are able to play the music adequately.  Our music varies from hymns, to Gospel songs, to Praise and Worship songs with a wide range of difficulty level.  Our players are often asked to play Preludes for services and to accompany those who sing special Offertories.  If you play and would like an opportunity to know more, contact the church office at

PowerPoint, Camera & Sound Technicians

The quality of our services is enhanced through the assistance of Power Point, Camera and Sound Technicians.  Each of these ministries has two or three people who share the responsibilities each month.  They serve in the background, but their ministry is vital for those in the congregation as well as those watching at home.  If you would like to be a part of a team of dedicated technicians, contact the church office at

Scripture Readers

Each Sunday the lectionary texts are read during our service.  Our volunteer readers are chosen for their ability to read accurately and with spiritual understanding.  If this is a ministry you would like to explore, contact Pastor Grant Christy at or contact the church office at

Children's Choir

Our children are encouraged to use their God-given musical gifts in our services.  They are invited to sing at various times during the year the truths they are learning through song.  Seasonal choir rehearsals may take place during the Wednesday night children’s program and/or during the Children’s church hour on Sunday mornings. Special rehearsal times are also scheduled as needed.  For more information contact Pastor Grant Christy at or Karla Christy at